What Tonight's 'Stargate Atlantis' Episode Spawned

Would you watch Stargate Titanic: The Musical? Of course you would, if you’re a Stargate fan like me.

Unfortunately, it exists only in the frenzied creative imaginations of the Stargate Atlantis cast members who feature prominently in tonight’s episode on Sci Fi Channel, called "Trio."

In a media call back in September, Amanda Tapping (Col. Samantha Carter) and Jewel Staite (Dr. Jennifer Keller) talked about the giddiness that set in when they and David Hewlett (Rodney McKay) were filming the episode, under difficult conditions. The scenario: they’re trapped in a collapsing mine (video preview here).

The Web site TVaholic printed a transcript of the whole session (including my own dopey contribution) and asked the key question that elicited the anecdote:

TVaholic: Thanks, and for both of you it seems like there’s a lot of fun that happens on the set, and if you guys could share any stories that maybe will make that blooper reel?

Amanda: Well on the last episode Jewel and David and I were stuck in a, you know, really quite hideous set covered in dirt and on angle in this little metal box, and so we decided to come up with a new show. Should I reveal?

Jewel: Please!

Amanda: It’s called Stargate Titanic: The Musical. And it’s specifically for small town dinner theater and we just started writing and singing and dancing about the set. I hope some of it appeared on camera because it was really quite hilarious. David singing a song about the wraith, the wraith, they’re a very bad race.

It sounds really silly, but it got us through the day.

I think most of the blooper reels I think will be us cracking each other up the entire cast. Everyone on the cast has a really good sense of humor, so generally it’s just people making each other laugh. And of course the Stargate Titanic: The Musical.

Jewel: Oh my God. I hope somebody gets that and it’s not just me and you that think that’s really hilarious because that would be really embarrassing. Anyway.


Oh we get it Jewel. Now all we need is a barn, a few costumes, maybe a large ice bucket and we’ve got a hit!


Update, update, 11:43 p.m.: After viewing Trio, I declare it a hit and recommend the midnight replay. Great Martin Gero script and Martin Wood direction. Great physical comedy by the three troupers — it’s a classic Carter-McKay episode, with the new girl Keller thrown in to mix it up. Or maybe it’s a McKay-Keller episode with Carter along as chaperone.