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'WH 13' Remembers Nora O'Brien

Fans praised the dedication to late NBC production exec Nora O’Brien at the end of Syfy’s premiere episode of Warehouse 13 last night.

“Dedicated to Nora O’Brien,” the closing credits began, under a photo of the former Sci Fi Channel original programming executive, who left the channel about two years ago to become VP of drama programming for both parent NBC Universal and Universal Entertainment.

In April, she died on the set of NBC show Parenthood, at age 44. Warehouse 13 was one of her shows before she left for the studio job. At Sci Fi, her programming executive credits include both Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis. “She was intelligent, skilled, highly-focused and, above all, a genuinely kind and caring individual,”Stargate writer-producer Joseph Mallozzi said in a blog post after her death. “She was our champion at Sci-Fi — ever-approachable; always willing to lend a sympathetic ear,” he said.

Nice touch, Syfy.