Mea Culpa on Reporting Error

Hallmark Channel HD will be available to affiliates on April 2 but it won’t be on DirecTV, as I mistakenly reported elsewhere on this Web site and in print.

Multichannel News corrections typically don’t lay blame on how these mistakes happen, so let me use this blog post to explain to our readers that I made the mistake. It wasn’t bad information from anyone, it was just a mistake that I made and didn’t confirm with DirecTV, much as it pains me to write that. There was a portion of the story that appeared to paraphrase a Hallmark executive as discussing affiliates in addition to DirecTV, but that was an extension of the original mistake, not the words of that Hallmark executive.

DirecTV rightly points out this is a mistake that costs them time and money, and that it could have been avoided with a phone call, and they’re right. I apologize to DirecTV, to Hallmark channel and to our readers and anyone who might have picked up this incorrect report.