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Will T-Mobile Soon Offer ‘Hulu on Us,’ Too?

(Image credit: Sprint)

Will the “New T-Mobile” soon offer its unlimited wireless data plan subscribers free access to Netflix, Quibi and Hulu?

Last week, T-Mobile announced that in addition to getting the base version of Netflix for free, subscribers to its Magenta and other family-targeted unlimited data plans will also have free access to mobile-first streaming service Quibi, which launched Monday. T-Mobile calls the promo “Quibi on Us,” much like the “Netflix on Us”-branded promotion it's had in place since 2017.

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Last week, however, T-Mobile also closed on its $31 million acquisition of No. 4 U.S. wireless operator Sprint. That carrier has an existing deal, established in 2017 when Hulu was still a joint venture between Comcast, Disney, a pre-Disney-owned Fox and the erstwhile Time Warner Inc., to provide its unlimited wireless customers with free base-level, $5.99-a-month Hulu service.

Will there come a day when subscribers to the combined company, dubbed New T-Mobile, have free streaming access to all three OTT smorgasbords?

In an email response to Next TV this morning, a T-Mobile rep put it this way: “For now, Sprint and T-Mobile customers will continue to receive the same benefits they currently have, and we’re working on exciting new benefits in the future. Stay tuned!

In its buttressed position against Nos. 1 and 2 carriers Verizon and AT&T, offering Netflix, Quibi and Hulu would be a sizable value proposition for New T-Mobile.

Verizon has recently upped its strength by adding a year’s free access to Disney Plus. AT&T will soon provide HBO Max to unlimited wireless customers who also subscribe to HBO through AT&T’s pay TV services, or through direct-to-consumer means.