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WideOpenWest Expands Android TV-based WOW! tv+ to Cleveland and Central Michigan

(Image credit: Google)

Englewood, Colorado-based cable operator WideOpenWest has announced the expansion of its new Android TV-based video platform, WOW! tv+, to its Cleveland and central Michigan footprint. 

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WOW! tv+ features the usual Android TV accoutrements: That is, access to Netflix, YouTube and every other OTT app in the vast flora and fauna of the Google Play store. It will also have voice navigation capabilities, of course, from the native integration of Google Assistant. 

WOW is now bundling WOW! tv+ for its high-speed internet users who don’t take its decline and increasingly marginalized linear video service. 

"Consumers want choices. They want to determine when, where and how they consume information and entertainment," said Teresa Elder, CEO of WOW, in a statement. "We're seeing seismic shifts in the industry and WOW! tv+ is one more way our customers can seek news and entertainment on their terms. As efficient use of our broadband network becomes more important, moving to an IP-based video service makes perfect sense and provides our customers with an enhanced viewing experience.”