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Verizon Gives Nurses, Teachers Price Break

Verizon is adding nurses and teachers to those it is giving price breaks for combined Verizon unlimited and Fios internet plans. 

Members of the military and first responders already get up to $40 OFF their service FOR their service, now it is adding other "everyday heroes" on the front lines of mitigating the impact of the COVID-19 on their communities. 

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"Now, more than ever, we recognize the sacrifices and importance of those who support our communities," said the company. "That’s why Verizon is committed to supporting them through unique offers, discounts, recognition and donations." 

The expanded wireless discounts will take effect April 23 and on Fios internet plans May 7. 

On the donation front, Verizon has committed to providing meals to 700 medical technicians, paramedics and fire inspectors in New York for the next four weeks, or almost 22,000 meals. It is an expansion of Verizon's  Food for the Frontline Workers initiative, which has been serving 1,800 meals per day to six New York hospitals. 

Verizon said it has contributed $45 million to COVID-19 relief efforts to date.