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Verizon Adopts Remote Repairs Approach

In the age of COVID-19. Verizon is now using a virtual assistant to help customers with issues inside the home or small business, with the customer becoming the non-virtual assistant. 

Verizon technicians remain outside the residence and sends the customer a text that starts a video chat. 

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Customers can take and share pictures of equipment, which the technician can then use to diagnose the problem and draw on the photos of the equipment to instruct the customer in how to repair the problem with voice, video or data service. 

“This new tool gives us the ability to provide the excellent service our customers deserve while minimizing the need for in-person interaction in these unprecedented times," said Kevin Service, SVP of operations for Verizon. 

Verizon said that about 90% of issues have been able to be resolved by the team of technicians, virtual assistant and the customer.