Survey: GOP Says Trump Fraud Claims Get Too Little Media Attention

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According to a new Pew survey, 58% of Republicans polled said the President's allegations of voter fraud, which he has been making at rallies, in tweets, TV interviews and press conferences, have gotten "too little attention" in post-election press coverage, while another 22% said that they have gotten about the right amount.

That is according to a just-released Pew Research Center American News Pathways Project survey of 12,648 U.S. adults conducted Nov. 18-29.

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And while 63% of Democrats said those allegations, which social media have generally been flagging as disputed or misleading, have gotten too much attention, more than a third said the level of attention has been about right, with 8% saying there has been too little attention.

Republicans who get their election news from Fox News and/or talk radio were more likely than Republicans with a wider news diet to say Trump's "post-election messaging" (i.e. the election was a fraud and he actually won) has been right and that such messaging deserves more media attention.

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Democrats were far more likely to say news outlets they "turn to most" did a good job of explaining the vote counting process compared to only 16% of Republicans who said that about the news sources they turned to.

When asked about all sources, the difference was even greater, with two thirds of Democrats (69%) saying the news media provided "largely accurate" coverage of the post-election landscape, while only 18% of Republicans said so.

As to the impact of social media coverage and moderation of election messages, 62% of Republicans said those decisions had "a major impact" on the election, while only 37% of Democrats said so.

As to whether that was a force for good or not, 78% of Republicans said they disapproved of the decisions by social media sites--Twitter and Facebook among them--to flag election news, while the same 78% of Democrats approved.

The margin of error for poll is plus/minus 1.5 percentage points.

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