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Survey: Facebook is Leading Misinformation Source

Newsy and YouGov
(Image credit: Newsy/YouGov)

Almost two-thirds of respondents (65.6%) to a new survey said they believe they are getting misinformation from Facebook, the most of any source of potential misinformation they were asked to choose from.

That is according to a poll released by Newsy and YouGov to mark National News Literacy Week.

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Ranking second as a source of perceived misinformation were politicians at 62.6%, followed by Twitter at 53.7%. About half believed they were getting misinformation from cable news (51.2%). The general category of "online news sites" rounded out the top five at 48%.

Broadcast TV was thought to be a source of misinformation by 44.6%, while only 33% said radio.

The survey was of 1,223 adults 18-plus polled online Jan. 22-25.

The survey found that at least one in five people who felt they had encountered misinformation on any platform had quit a social media platform in the past six months as a result, and 29% said they had unfriended or unfollowed someone as a result.

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And while former President Trump repeatedly branded journalists enemies and purveyors of fake news, the survey found that journalists (37%) drew higher scores than family (34%) or friends (27%) as "trustworthy sources of accurate news," and many times those of politicians (6%) or celebrities (5%).