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Survey: Americans 'Drastically' Increase TV/Online Consumption

With "staying in" the pandemic-driven new norm, tuning in has increased big time for the majority of respondents to a new Piplsay survey of over 60,000 people. 

Source: Piplsay

Source: Piplsay

Asked how their TV or online media consumption has changed, 63% said it had increased, with only 6% saying it had gone down.  

A quarter of the respondents who said it had increased said that increase was over five hours per day; 27% said by 3-5 hours, and 35% said by 1-3 hours. 

Asked how they were entertaining themselves while in quarantine/lockdown/self isolation/shelter-in-place, movies led the list, followed closely by music, gaming, and TV shows. Not surprisingly, given that virtually all professional and amateur sports are on hiatus, watching sports came in at 7%.  

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The survey was conducted in March among U.S. resident age 18-plus. It received 66,908 online responses.