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Simington FCC Confirmation Hearing Set

U.S. Capitol
(Image credit: Getty Images)

It looks like Senate Republicans are going to try and get Nathan Simington confirmed to the FCC before the end of the year and the exit of commissioner Michael O'Rielly, who he will be replacing.

The Senate Judiciary Committee has scheduled his confirmation hearing for Nov. 10.

Simington was nominated by the President after he rescinded O'Rielly's nomination after the commissioner criticized the effort to get the FCC to regulate social media.

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Simington is currently senior advisor at the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA), which is the President's chief communications advisory arm, where he worked on 5G security/supply chain issues.

He also reportedly worked on NTIA's petition to the FCC to come up with the regime for regulating social media that the President had called for in his Sec. 230 executive order, and that O'Rielly criticized.

O'Rielly could continue to serve in his post until Congress adjourns at the end of the year or Simington has had a nomination hearing in the Senate and is confirmed in that body, whichever comes first.

If O'Rielly had to leave before Simington was confirmed, the FCC would be down to four members, two Republicans and two Democrats.