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SBA: Biden Broadband Billions Will Boost Small Business

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The Small Business Administration is pitching the just-passed infrastructure bill's broadband investment as one of the ways President is delivering help to small businesses.

In a fact sheet put out by SBA and forwarded to journalists by the White House, it talks about how broadband will help small business.

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The President has said, and the SBA reiterated, that the $65 billion in the infrastructure bill for broadband deployment and adoption will achieve the universal access that is the Administration's goal, "ensuring that every American has access to affordable, reliably high-speed internet," which in turn, it said, will "foster a more robust micro business ecosystem, which is Washington speak for helping create more small businesses.

As vice president, Biden was the Obama Administration's point person on closing the small business broadband divide--part of Vice President Biden's role in promoting those small businesses--just as he deputized his own VP, Kamala Harris, to be the point person on universal broadband.