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PTC Praises Disney Plus's Deal With ClearPlay

(Image credit: Disney)

The Parents Television Council is celebrating the news that content filterer ClearPlay has struck a deal with streaming platform Disney Plus to offer filtered and skipped versions of its content.

PTC has been focusing on streaming as the pandemic-struck world spends even more time entertaining itself online.

“We applaud ClearPlay and Disney+ for reaching an agreement to give parents greater control over the content their families consume," said PTC president Tim Winter. "Our research has shown that just because a content rating suggests a program is appropriate for children, that is often not the case. Even Disney+ allowed one ‘f-word’ into its release of PG-13-rated Hamilton, and families did not have the option to filter that word,” said PTC President Tim Winter."

ClearPlay already has automatic filtering deals with Netflix and Disney Plus.

PTC said that while such agreements are good, what would be better is if the Family Movie Act would be updated. Currently it allows consumers to do their own filtering of explicit content from the DVDs so long as it does not result in a new, changed, copy, which would violate copyright protections, but does not extend that to filtering streamed movies, which is done by ClearPlay.