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President Hints at State-Run Cable Network

President Trump has suggested the U.S. could launch its own state-run news network to show how "GREAT" the country is.

That came in a pair of tweets Monday attacking CNN for presenting the country in an "unfair and false way."

The President tweeted: 


That was followed Tuesday with tweets that "fake news" was building up special counsel Bob Mueller as a "saint" when he was the opposite.

CNN has been the President's favorite target, though he is pretty much an equal opportunity critic of major news outlets when they run stories he doesn't like.

State-run media are usually more the province of authoritarian regimes like Russia or China.

The U.S. has the Voice of America, a suite of government-funded outlets whose mission is both to "present the policies of the United States clearly and effectively," as well as to be a "reliable and authoritative" source of accurate, objective and comprehensive" news.