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Pluto TV Goes Live on Verizon Platforms

(Image credit: Pluto TV)

Following a broad-reaching integration deal announced back in May, ViacomCBS’s Pluto TV starting Thursday is now preloaded on Verizon Android mobile devices, Fios and Steam TV pay TV set-tops and 5G Amazon Home Fire TV devices. 

The integration deal, announced to last “through the summer,” also includes three new content channels build exclusively for Verizon customers. 

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Movies on Verizon purportedly features “the biggest hit movies and the brightest stars.” Cited examples include Arrival, Carol, Sliding Doors, The Illusionist and Donnie Darko

Real Life on Verizon includes a 24/7 selection of reality TV programming themed around first-responders, military and caregivers: Coast Guard Alaska/Florida/Pacific Northwest, Critical Rescue, Navy Seals: Untold Stories and Special Delivery: Baby ER were called out in the press release.

And Yahoo Finance will provide financial news, data and commentary, along with stock quotes, press releases, financial reports and original content. 

ViacomCBS, which paid $340 million for free ad-supported streaming service (FAST) Pluto TV in early January 2019, said in May that the service now has around 24 million active users. 

Verizon already has deals to integrate subscription services Disney Plus and YouTube TV into its various platforms.