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Pay TV VOD Usage Also Way Up Amid Pandemic: Research Report

(Image credit: The Diffusion Group)

As anyone of 11,433 video business surveys and studies will tell you, video usage is way up during this ongoing pandemic shelter-in-place moment. 

Much of the attention has been paid to the subscription video on demand (SVOD) streaming services. But according to an April survey of 1,997 U.S. adults conducted by The Diffusion Group (TDG), pay TV VOD is way up, too. 

According to TDG, 77% of adult broadband users who subscribe to a cable, satellite  telco or vMVPD video service use the pay TV product’s VOD component. And of that user base, 18.5% report a “significant” uptick in their pay TV VOD usage; 41.7% report some increase in their VOD consumption. 

"Much has been written about recent spikes in the use of on-demand streaming video services such as Netflix and Disney Plus, and for good reason," notes Michael Greeson, TDG president and principal analyst. "Our findings clearly demonstrate that, being largely confined to their homes, consumers see tremendous value in having access to on-demand shows and movies. And this holds true for all such services, including those offered by pay-TV providers.”

According to TDG, pay TV subscribers younger than 45 were twice as likely to report significant VOD usage expansion—23% vs. 13%.

Among virtual MVPD users, users report significant VOD consumption increases tallied 21%—slightly higher than the aggregate. The number dropped to 13% among satellite TV users.