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Netflix Is Faced with ‘Supplements,’ not Competing with Potential Replacements (Infographic)

If the streaming wars were a reality series, they’d be more like The Bachelor than Survivor

As the chart provided by streaming aggregation service provider Reelgood shows below, Netflix is clearly “the bachelor.” It’s not competing with potential replacements so much as being complimented by potential suitors. 

A sizable majority of U.S. users for every other major SVOD service also subscribes to Netflix, with Amazon Prime Video and Hulu having the lowest percentage at 86% of their respective customer bases. Fully 91% of those who use Apple TV Plus and Peacock also subscribe to the No. 1 SVOD service. 

But with Netflix serving nearly 73 million U.S. subscribers, it’s important to note that the relationship with its rivals is not reciprocal. According to Reelgood, 65% of U.S. Netflix users also subscribe to Amazon Prime Video. But that’s as high a confluence as there is for the Netflix base. Only 13% of Netflix users also pay for HBO Max, for example. 

Reelgood, which provides a centralized hub for users to search for streaming content across services on iOS and Android devices, based the chart below on more than 2 million streaming media consumers through August 15. 

(Image credit: Reelgood)