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NCTA: Downstream Peak Broadband Traffic Growth Is Flattening

Marking week three of its COVID-19 Internet Dashboard, NCTA-The Internet & Television Association said broadband traffic is steady as she goes. 

It said that the "national downstream peak growth" for the week of April 4-11 was essentially flat (up just 0.65%) and that peak growth continues to "decelerate" for the second week in a row, up only .71% versus increases of 4% and 7% the previous two weeks.  

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NCTA said the fact that the networks are handling the added COVID-related load didn't just happen, but was instead the result of micro-monitoring by network engineers, added hardware and extended fiber (a "network augmentation" effort up 300% in some cases versus a typical week), and a workforce of over a quarter of a million technicians on the front lines.