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NCTA: Cable Broadband Handling COVID-19 Load

Broadband networks continue to shoulder, and handle, the coronavirus-driven network traffic surge, according to NCTA-The Internet & Television Association, but peak download usage has actually decreased slightly this week. 

NCTA last week launched a network performance site to monitor how its members are handling the traffic from homebound teleworkers and telehealth clients and home-schooled students. 

According to NCTA, the two key takeaways from the current week's data are: 

1. While downstream peak usage is up 19% since March 1, there has actually been a one percent decrease from the week before. 

2. Upstream (upload) peak growth continues to increase--up 4%--but that increase is down from last week's 7% increase. 

Broadband networks so far have been able to handle the increased traffic, NCTA points out, in part because the networks are built to anticipate demand.