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More TV Stations Sold in 2017: BIA/Kelsey

The number of TV stations sold rose in 2017, but the value of those deals fell, according to a new report from BIA/Kelsey.

A total of 107 TV stations were sold in 2017, compared with 97 the prior year. Nine of those station deals came in December.

The value of the TV station deals was $4.68 billion, down from $5.28 billion in 2016, BIA/Kelsey said.

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For 2018, BIA/Kelsey noted that the Federal Communications Commission relaxed regulations regarding local ownership of local TV stations and looser rules on television-radio-newspaper cross-ownership.

“While there is some question as to whether some or all of these new regulations will be challenged in the courts, there is some optimism that this relaxation will lead to an increase in station trading activity,” BIA/Kelsey said.