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Its Official: JSA-Unwinding Clock Starts

The FCC sent out official notice that Thursday, June 19 was the effective date of its new joint sales agreement (JSA) restrictions, which make some JSA's attributable as ownership interest.

That means that same-market JSA's that broker more than 15% of a station's weekly ad time (which is most JSA's), and whose attribution will put an owner over the FCC's local ownership limits, will have two years from that date, or June 19, 2016, to unwind them or take other action to come into compliance with the rules.

The end of June 2016 is also the deadline the FCC has given itself for concluding its review of media ownership rules under the combined 2010 and 2014 quadrennial, congressionally-mandated reviews. Among the questions the FCC has asked as part of that review is whether it should make other station shared services agreements--news, operations--attributable as ownership as well.