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Is HBO Max Maximizing Consumer Confusion Two Days From Launch?

(Image credit: WarnerMedia)

As it AT&T readies the launch of new streaming service HBO Max on Wednesday, a new poll suggests consumers are confused as to what programming will be available on the platform. 

The poll of 2,200 U.S. consumers, conducted by Morning Consult on behalf of The Hollywood Reporter, finds that only 24% of respondents know that HBO mega-hit Game of Thrones will be included in the new subscription streaming service. Only 13% said they knew Warner Bros. TV classic sitcom Friends will be featured. Another venerable comedy housed under AT&T’s WarnerMedia umbrella, Big Bang Theory, registered 12%. And only 8% knew that Sesame Street content will be featured with HBO Max. 

(Image credit: Morning Consult)

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“What they’re doing is trying to stretch the HBO brand to include everything that Warner TV and WarnerMedia has,” said Allen Adamson, a founder and managing partner of brand marketing firm Metaforce, to Morning Consult. “This won’t make the offering clear, because HBO stands for one thing and WarnerMedia stands for less.

“It’s such a confusing streaming environment. It’s a recipe for massive consumer confusion,” he added. 

Notably, 95% of respondents knew that Disney Plus hit The Mandalorian isn’t an HBO Max show, and 91% knew that Netflix’s Stranger Things isn’t on the AT&T platform, either. 

(Image credit: Morning Consult)

Notably, the HBO brand will be the biggest driver for HBO Max, with 34% of respondents saying HBO movies and TV shows will make them more likely to respond to HBO Max. 

“HBO, because of its strong brand, will end up continuing to be a successful brand and they’ll do okay in streaming,” Adamson said. “But I don’t think it’s because of ‘Friends’ and other old movies. I think it’s gonna be because of the quality of what has always driven HBO.”