Hulu Tries to Hack Content Recommendation with New Self-Diagnostic '' Tool

Hulu's '' tool
(Image credit: Hulu)

Call it the "New Transparency" movement among streaming services — there's this new trend in which the major SVOD companies are thinking of new ways to share bite-sized cross-sections of all the data they have on us. 

Last month, Netflix decided to share top-line audience performances metrics for its most-watched shows, with a new web portal, updated weekly, called "Global Top 10."

As for Hulu, it's taking things in a slightly different direction, sharing your user data in an attempt to help you find out what you want to watch next on the platform. 

Announced Thursday, Hulu users can visit the new "" web portal and see a full breakdown of what they've been watching for the past year, how much watching they've done. Importantly, however, this is also an opportunity for Hulu to serve  users recommendations on upcoming shows that supposedly fit their viewer profile.

Of course, if you're family is like the Next TV family — where everyone is too lazy to set up their own individual user profiles — the "DNA" (and the corresponding recommendations) get kind of muddled! 

If you're a Hulu subscriber, you can get your profile here

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