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Goldstein Via Skype: An Oregon Solution

What to do when you're hours away from your big annual event, and kaboom, your opening speaker can't make the trip?

That was the stress-bomb lobbed at the Oregon State Cable Association in Salem last week, when a scheduled representative from the National Cable & Telecommunications Association, Lon Goldstein, had to cancel his participation because of work stuff.

No worries, though: OCTA officials Skyped him in on a Webcam, linked the Webcam to a big screen, and let the talk proceed, complete with audience Q&A. Goldstein missed his shot at the golden goose, though - a two-week, all expenses paid trip to Hawaii.

"You won, Lon, but, tough luck - you have to be present to win," OCTA head Mike Dewey kidded.

(There wasn't really a trip, but don't tell Lon.)