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Fox Entertainment Ups Darren Schillace to President of Marketing

Fox Entertainment marketing president Darren Schillace
(Image credit: Fox Entertainment)

Darren Schillace has been promoted to president of marketing for Fox Entertainment.

In his expanded role, he'll oversee marketing strategies for all business units within the Fox Entertainment portfolio, including the FOX Broadcast Network and ad-supported streaming service Tubi. 

Schillace's purview will also include Bento Box, Fox Alternative Entertainemnt and Blockchain Creative Labs. 

Schillace's direct reports will now include Natalie Bastian, who, as head of marketing for Tubi, was recently promoted to senior VP.

Schillace's responsibilities for FOX and Tubi include on-air and off-air promotion, brand and program advertising, national media and promotions, digital marketing, strategic partnerships, music, social media, affiliate marketing and production. Additionally, he will continue to oversee Fox Entertainment's strategy for its program development, Newfront and Upfront presentations.

"As FOX and Tubi more closely align, Darren's vision, creativity and focus will help better position both companies as leading platforms in the ad-supported arena and accelerate the growth of these and other Fox businesses," said Charlie Collier, Fox Entertainment CEO, in a statement.