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Evoca Adds NFL RedZone

Evoca TV
(Image credit: Evoca TV)

ATSC 3.0-based pay TV service Evoca has added a key live-sports channel to its programming bundle, tacking on NFL RedZone as a $59-a-season add-on.

The addition of the channel, which each Sunday during the NFL regular season offers live, quick-cutting updates of each game in progress, is a staple among many pro football fans who don't subscribe to DirecTV and pay $293.36 for the entire slate of live regular season out-of-market NFL games via NFL Sunday Ticket.

Evoca, currently available in its home base of Boise, Idaho, as well as ATSC 3.0 hub Phoenix, Arizona, uses the NextGen broadcast standard to deliver the bulk of its 60-plus-channel virtual MVPD service, with some content delivered over lower bandwidth internet. 

Since it's ATSC 3.0-based, the platform delivers live broadcasts of local affiliates via antenna, thus providing NFL game coverage for CBS, NBC and FOX.

So, with Evoca currently priced at a one-year promotional rate of $9.50 a month, subscribers can get a somewhat full NFL meal on Sundays, paying only around $20 a month total for TV service.

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