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Disney Plus Launches GroupWatch Feature

(Image credit: Disney)

Disney Plus has joined the “watch party” trend that’s sweeping streaming services, adding a new “GroupWatch” feature that lets a host connect up to six other co-watchers for a show. 

Unlike watch party gizmos for other services, Disney Plus isn’t enabling chat — users are collaboratively limited to expressing six emojis, “like,” “funny,” “sad,” “angry,” “scared” and “surprised” through the Disney Plus app.

GroupWatch is enabled on all platforms that support the Disney Plus app, but all participating users must subscribe to the $6.99-a-month Disney Plus service.

The feature first surfaced earlier this month, with Disney Plus trialing it in Canada. It was also deployed in Australia and New Zealand. 

So-called “party-watch” features have been cropping up on SVOD services ever since the early phases of the pandemic. Disney, however, claims that GroupWatch was in development prior to the emergence of COVID-19.