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Disney Plus Has Biggest Spike in Regular Usage During Pandemic

(Image credit: Disney)

We all know streaming usage has been way up amid these last three months of sheltering at home, but what OTT services are benefitting the most in terms of engagement?

London’s MIDiA Research say the leader is Disney Plus, which it claims had 20% of its users actively using the platform on a weekly basis in the first quarter, which was nearly double its Q4 engagement. 

Beyond measuring quarter-to-quarter increases, Netflix, as it always is, ranked first in weekly active users (WAU) and daily active users (DAU), registering 59% and 46%, respectively.

The big flatlines were Apple TV Plus and CBS All Access (see charter below). The latter is currently being retooled with a bigger, broader focus under ViacomCBS’ “house of brands strategy.” 

(Image credit: MIDiA Research)