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Disney Plus and Netflix will Dominate Two-Horse Global SVOD Market in 2025, Research Company Predicts

(Image credit: Digital TV Research)

You know what they say about five-year projections of the global SVOD market. They’re like torsos. 

But hear Digital TV Research out when it projects that by 2025, the global subscription streaming market will be a two-horse race between Netflix and Disney Plus. 

In five years, Disney Plus will have quadrupled its subscriber base to 202 million and will rank second globally in subscription streaming to Netflix, which will have a projected scale of 258 million users. 

According to Digital TV Research, Amazon will be left in the dust with only around 141 million users. 

Overall, the research company projects subscription streaming will grow its base by 81% from 2019 - 2025, reaching around 1.16 billion customers. The total will grow by 170 million alone this year, Digital TV Research said.