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Did ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ and HBO Max Just Break Nielsen’s Weekly Streaming Metrics Tracker?

Wonder Woman 1984
(Image credit: WarnerMedia)

Since September, Nielsen had been offering that rarest of insight in the fast-emerging business of streaming video—third-party audience metrics. 

For now, that seems to have ground to a halt. Nielsen hasn’t published its weekly top 10 SVOD rankings since January 22, when it reported that Disney Plus’ Soul led the Christmas-week frame (Dec. 21-27) in total minutes streamed by U.S. viewers. 

Subsequently, WarnerMedia successfully pleaded a case to Nielsen that its DC Comics-inspired superhero movie sequel, Wonder Woman 1984, actually garnered more streaming minutes during that same week. And Nielsen made what it described as a one-time exception, including HBO Max metrics for the first time, and putting WW84 on on a revised ranker that it labeled an “addendum.” 

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“The big news last week was that Disney Plus took its first back-to-back first place finish with Soul following the prior week’s winner, The Mandalorian. But as we looked at the other distributors, it was obvious that another important story was developing,” Nielsen said in a statement.  “In conjunction with our clients at WarnerMedia, we are sharing this initial preview into HBO Max — and Wonder Woman 1984 in particular. Please note:This is a one time view as we work toward introducing the data externally.”

Previously, Nielsen’s ranker only accounted for the four subscription video-on-demand services with the biggest U.S. subscriber bases: Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu and Disney Plus. During its fourth quarter earnings call, AT&T reported just over 17 million U.S. subscribers for HBO Max, giving it less than half the subscribers of the smallest member of that quartet, Disney Plus.