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Comcast’s Xfinity Mobile Switches on 5G Access

(Image credit: Comcast)

Comcast announced Monday that it’s switching on free 5G network service for both its Xfinity Mobile by-the-gig and its $45-a-month unlimited plan users. 

The move comes two months after Charter Communications, which also relies on an MVNO relationship with Verizon and collaborates extensively with Comcast on mobile tech and strategy, began offering its customers 5G access. (Notably, Charter doesn’t provide its by-the-gig customers 5G access.

Xfinity Mobile’s X5G data plans include an unlimited data option for $45 per month per line and by-the-gig shared plans priced at $15 per month for 1GB, $30 per month for 3GB, and $60 per month for 10GB.

Comcast began several months ago selling two 5G-capable smart phones, the Samsung Galaxy S20+ and Galaxy S20.

In order to access Comcast’s MVNO-based 5G services, existing Xfinity Mobile customers will need to proactively opt in, in addition to owning a 5G-capable handset. 

“From day one, Xfinity Mobile has been proud to be the only provider to empower customers to design a mobile plan that fit their needs, as well as have the flexibility to seamlessly switch between unlimited or per gig to save money. We’re excited to now extend that benefit with 5G data plans,” said Rui Costa, senior VP of innovation & customer value propositions for Comcast Cable, in a statement

Verizon, which has struggled to festoon the country with the cumbersome but much faster millimeter-wave flavor of 5G, has recently pledged to step up the process by user a lower-band iteration. 

During its first quarter earnings call on April 30, Comcast said its wireless revenue increased 52% to $343 million during the quarter, driven by 216,000 additional Xfinity Mobile lines. Comcast said it now has 2.3 million Xfinity Mobile lines.