Charter’s Spectrum Mobile Debuts ‘Unlimited’ Plan with 30GB of ‘HD-quality’ Streaming

(Image credit: Charter Communications)

Charter Communications Spectrum Mobile unit has announced a new service tier, Unlimited Plus, that allows 30 gigabytes of usage before users are throttled 600 kbps speeds.

The plan, which runs $55 a month plus taxes and fees, and includes both 4G and 5G network access, also enables HD-quality video. Spectrum Mobile’s $45-a-month incumbent “unlimited” services only delivers 5G of data usage before throttling with video quality coming in at a standard-def 480p level. 

Like Comcast’s Xfinity Mobile, Spectrum Mobile uses Verizon’s national wireless network as part of a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) agreement. Spectrum Mobile grew by an impressive 325,000 subscribers in the second quarter, and it now has 1.69 million wireless subscribers. The Q2 growth was faster than either of the other two U.S. cable companies that are into mobile—Comcast (126,000 mobile customer additions) or Altice USA (gained 34,000). 

Charter is now advertising Spectrum Mobile as the “fastest growing” U.S. wireless service.

For its part, Comcast’s unlimited wireless plan allows for 20GB of usage before speeds are slowed. Xfinity Mobile users can pay $20 a month for 720p streaming via an add-on called HD Pass. 

In its press release, Charter didn’t define who it means by “HD-quality” video. Technically, 720p meets the bar. And since Comcast and Charter are tied to the hip in terms of how they execute their respective mobile businesses, even sharing technical and business information, it seems likely that 720p is what Unlimited Plus is offering. 

Charter is billing Unlimited Plus as a “third option” for its wireless customers, joining standard unlimited and the company’s $14-per-GB “by the gig” plan. 

“With Unlimited Plus, Spectrum Mobile customers now have three simple and easy-to-understand data plans to choose from to fit their needs and budget, with no taxes and fees,” said Danny Bowman, chief mobile officer for Charter. “As our new top-tier data plan option, Unlimited Plus combined with Spectrum Mobile’s fastest overall speeds is the ideal choice for those customers who watch HD-quality video on the go.”

Daniel Frankel

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