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AWS Democratizes Video Streaming with $995 Elemental Link

(Image credit: Amazon Web Services)

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has introduced a new device intended to simply the connection of a live video source to the technology giant’s cloud-based video processing hub.

Retailing for $995, the Elemental Link device sends all video, audio and metadata streams that arrive on the built-in 3G-SDI or HDMI connectors to AWS Elemental MediaLive, with automatic, hands-free tuning that adapts to available bandwidth. Once video is in the cloud, users can access the full lineup of AWS Elemental Media services to process, store, distribute and monetize it.

“In sophisticated environments, dedicated hardware and an associated A/V team can capture, encode, and stream or store video that meets these expectations,” said AWS’s “chief evangelist,” Jeff Barr in a company blog post

Amazon purchased video tech company Elemental for $500 million five years ago. 

“However, cost and operational complexity have prevented others from delivering a similar experience. Classrooms, local sporting events, enterprise events, and small performance spaces do not have the budget or the specialized expertise needed to install, configure, and run the hardware and software needed to reliably deliver video to the cloud for processing, storage, and on-demand delivery or live streaming.”