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ATSC 3.0-powered Pay TV Service Evoca TV Expands to New City

Evoca Scout set-top
(Image credit: Evoca)

Evoca TV, a Boise, Idaho-based tech company delivering a bundle of 80-plus linear channels over ATSC 3.0, has announced its first expansion, branching out to nearby Twin Falls, Idaho. 

“We’re going to be moving next door into the Twin Falls DMA, which is a small DMA in south central Idaho,” Evoca CEO Todd Achilles said at last week’s ATSC 3.0 Summit, an event produced by Next TV parent company Future.

The expansion will occur in “the next few months,” Achilles added. 

He also said that Evoca will soon add a Basque-language channel for the sizable Basque community in Boise.

Evoca launched last year, delivering video and audio over the NextGen TV broadcast technology standard. Evoca, which targets rural markets with fewer broadband resources, does rely on a low-speed internet connection to transact elements such as program guide information. 

Evoca hasn’t yet released a subscriber count.