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Apple TV Plus Has Pandemic’s Biggest Audience Demand Spike Among SVOD Services, Research Group Says

(Image credit: Parrot Analytics)

Audience demand for movie, series and season premieres is now split evenly among subscription streaming platforms and linear TV, according to Parrot Analytics. 

The research firm has created a proprietary metric it calls “demand expressions,” which is an amalgamation of consumer signals indicating an intention to watch a show. 

“It’s a holistic view into what people really want,” said Alejandro Rojas, director of applied analytics for Parrot, speaking during today’s NYC Spring TV Week virtual panel presentation, an event produced by Next TV parent company Future U.S.

Notably among individual platforms, based on Parrot’s demand expressions metrics, Apple TV Plus has had the biggest demand increase during the pandemic viewing period, increasing its share by nearly 9%—more than even Netflix. 

Apple TV Plus has received some buzz of late from filmmaker Spike Jonze's Beastie Boys Story documentary film. 

Apple, meanwhile, just revealed that it generated a record $13.3 billion in the second quarter in its "services" business, for which Apple TV Plus is a new component. 

As for Parrot's data showing a large increase in viewer demand for the platform? Based on where Apple started, it may have not taken much of an uptick to create a big percentage increase. Just a guess there. 

(Image credit: Parrot Analytics)