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Android TV to Be Rebranded as Google TV? That's the Rumor

(Image credit: Google)

In addition to developing its own Android TV-based OTT device, Google is also contemplating a rebrand of Android TV as “Google TV.”

That’s the rumor started—or at least, accelerated—by 9to5 Google, which said it heard the news from “a little birdie.”

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As 9to5 Google notes, such a rebrand has precedence: what is now know as the Google Play Store was once Android Market; Android Pay was rebranded Google Pay; and Android Messages became Messages by Google. 

After many attempts to create a product with real legs in the TV/video market, Google seems to be onto something with its Android TV platform, which is making real inroads into sectors like pay TV. 

The Android branding long plied to its open mobile operating system has probably grown far to massive to very be recasting. Perhaps Google is trying to end the confusion of having its video operating system marketed under the same moniker before its too late?

Again, just a rumor for now.