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Android TV Integrates YouTube Music into YouTube App

(Image credit: Google)

Google has added YouTube Music to the YouTube app within Android TV.

The integration comes as Google works to sunset its Play Music service and replace it with YouTube Music. 

Google’s “server-side” update adds a “Music” tab to the sidebar of the Android TV YouTube app, which includes YouTube recommendations along with content from the user’s YouTube Music account. The tab displays user likes, mixes, genre and mood stations, personal playlists, recommended playlists and playlists from other users, and artists stations. 

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Since Google isn’t integrating a dedicated YouTube Music app, the tech blogs have largely been disappointed. XDA Developers, for instance, notes the lack of background playback—meaning you can’t keep the music on while you toggle away from the app to do something else, like look for something to watch on TV. 

There are no shuffle or repeat options. There’s no playlist option tool, and users can’t uploaded their full music library. 

However, on Reddit, some users are reporting that the new update has enabled Android TV HDR support to kick in on enabled devices for the first time.