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Android TV Adds ‘Cinematic Teaser’ Recommendations to Home Screen

(Image credit: Google)

Quickening the evolution of its Android TV streaming platform, Google has added a new recommendation feature to the homepage.

The new “cinematic teasers” feature video interstitials of either shows Android TV is surfacing for the purpose of user recommendation, or programs and channels that Google is being paid to advertise. 

“We’re now sharing cinematic teasers for the most popular movies and shows handpicked for you by Google Play’s entertainment experts or sponsored by media partners (starting in the U.S.), ” wrote John Gildred, director of Android TV product management for Google, in a blog post.  

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On a more personalized level, users can enable recommendations by adjusting settings in their Google account, via mobile device or computer, specifying which streaming services they’re signed up for. 

Meanwhile, Android TV has integrated another convenience feature that simplifies the process of signing up for new streaming services. Users merely click “subscribe & install” on apps they want in the Google Play store. And instead of making the user go through the lengthy signup process with a clunky remote-control keyboard function, Android TV handles most of the initiation process with the users Google account data.

The feature is currently confined to the Starz app, DC Universe and EPIX Now. But Google says more apps are coming. 

Google is refining its connected TV OS as the company pivots its OTT device business, shifting its Chromecast dongle into a new model, codenamed “Sabrina,” that runs on Android TV.