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ACA Connects Launches COVID-19 Broadband Dashboard

ACA Connects has released its version of a broadband dashboard, which it said shows that despite the COVID-19 crunch, its members are handling the load. 

According to the data for small and midsized providers, said ACAC, while broadband traffic has understandably surged, its members continued to provide a high-quality service. 

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"Even while usage surged, network utilization – the key metric for user experience -- remained within normal operating ranges in virtually all instances," said ACA Connects. 

ACAC said that when there was a network issue, it was "slower-than-expected" speeds, not outages, and that they were usually dealt with in less than 24 hours. 

And while it says COVID-19 has had relatively low impact on service, its members have identified some parts of the traffic surges (video conferencing and chat, for example) that might be the new normal long term. 

Among the actions taken to handle the traffic load were adding transit capacity, splitting nodes and upgrading hardware. 

The dashboard data is from the past three weeks, collected by consulting firm Cartesian.