Virgin Media Hints at ‘Something Unmissable’

Virgin Media, the largest MSO in the U.K., has issued a teaser to area press that it will present a “first look at something unmissable” on November 30.

The Liberty Global-owned operator didn’t divulge much else, but the speculation is that it will be unveiling the Virgin TV V6, a 4K-capable set-top/gateway powered by TiVo that, like the current-gen TiVo-powered boxes from the MSO, will mix traditional TV with OTT apps from sources like Netflix.

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Virgin Media teased the V6 (sources tell us that Arris, which acquired U.K.-based set-top maker Pace Plc in January, is making the hardware) on Twitter in August. So, it could be playing a bit fast and loose with this “first look” talk. We’ve already seen it… we just don’t know yet everything it can do:  

Sneak Preview: Say hello to our new Virgin TV V6 box, powered by TiVo. More to come soon.

— VirginMediaCorporate (@VirginMediaCorp) August 11, 2016

The new device, which will likely support whole-home capabilities and help Virgin Media offer a response to Sky and its new  Sky Q video platform, is one of the early examples of a  new, more powerful “EOS” platform from parent company Liberty Global that will become the MSO’s video workhorse.