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Roku 4 Model Uncovered

Add some additional visual evidence to the pile that Roku is nearing the debut of a new model that’s expected to support 4K streaming.

AFTVnews found an image purportedly of the Roku 4 using a script that was successful in finding a next-gen Fire TV box that we later learned would support 4K. The image shows a redesigned device alongside a remote that includes some new dedicated buttons for OTT streaming services.  

This follows some FCC documentation uncovered by ZatzNotFunny, a CinemaNow promo that touted four free HD rentals with any purchase of a “Roku 4,” and evidence of a Roku “4K Showcase.”

Roku hasn’t announced any new models, but if the Roku 4 does end up supporting UHD streaming, it will contend with the $99.99 4K-capable Amazon Fire TV and the new Apple TV, which does not support 4K.