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Spike TV Strategic Opportunities - October 2008


The network is about testosterone.  A large portion of the programming will be heavy on the action-adventure drama genre.  Series franchises like THE ULTIMATE FIGHTER and MXC which have sustained cult audience favorites and the nightly primetime airings of off-net series CSI have made it a destination for many men.  However, Spike is looking to expand its audience by focusing on original dramas and action-adventure programming.  They have a handful of shows in development, mostly dramas, and a limited series slated for 2007.  Awards and Game shows like AUTOROX and Spike TV VIDEO GAME AWARDS have popped up in their schedule as well.  It was quoted that they expect to spend about $275 million dollars for new programming in 2007.


*Looking for scripted and unscripted shows in both hour and half-hour formats.  All shows should be male-specific, geared toward men and their tastes and interests.

*One-hours should be action oriented or of the dramedy variety, conceptual in nature, serialized or procedural.

* Half-hours should be irreverent and unapologetic.


Action packed films.


The network does not accept any unsolicited material.  All materials must be submitted through agency, attorney or production company representation.  Sports & Specials are handled on the east coast, scripted and serialized are on the west coast.  There is no e-mail submission process.


Spike TV announced plans to launch several original Web series this year as part of an extensive redesign of is trying to aim at creating a leading Web destination for young men.

Spike continues with its purchasing of off-network acquisitions.  Spike has acquired the first season of Real Vice Cops Uncut, a perfect fit with the all testosterone network.  These shows profile real life police force in action as they take down real criminals involved in the world of narcotics, gambling and prostitution.

Spike TV announced a new slate of non-scripted original pilots that features some of the toughest guys on the planet who manage to succeed and thrive under some of the most perilous conditions. From battling the treacherous waters of the Mississippi to battling international foes overseas, Spike's development slate celebrates the incredible pursuits of an array of real guys geared to resonate with the Spike male-centric brand.

Spike is building its slate of non-scripted original fare.  They just announced a quintet of pilots ranging from series, focusing their development slate toward an array of real guys, which resonates with the Spike male-centric brand. Spike's commitment to buy movie franchises with a tremendous fan base has helped them to launch other original shows, thus allowing them to tentpole these movies to give them a platform to get the viewer's attention.

Already the network's Star Wars telecasts which drew a whopping 52.6 million viewers to Spike during its two week run in run in April (Multichannel 5/10/08) have lifted the ratings fortunes of two original series, DEA and ULTIMATE FIGHTER. The network announced that they hope will continue to keep the viewers, particularly its target audience of young males tuned into the network.  STAR WARS is big and has a tremendous fan base, which is a way to help Spike launch other shows because those tentpole movies provide a platform to get the viewer's attention.

The STAR WARS saga is showing Spike's commitment to kick it up a notch in its off-air and on-air advertising.  The multiplatform, multimedia campaign, valued in the multimillions, comes in support of Spike's presentation of the six movies, which will be presented together for the first time on a basic-cable network.

In addition, Spike has become the growing home of off-network product, with its two recent big off-network acquisitions UNSOLVED MYSTERIES and MARRIED WITH CHILDREN.

Spike TV's new slate of non-scripted pilots is an eclectic mix of pilots which includes deadly warriors, treasure hunters, a scientific exploration of death, terror survival tips and an elaborate, and high-octane hoax.  Their development slate represents the wide scope of guys' interests, presented in an authentic way that only Spike can provide.

Spike has made a commitment to more new original movies , and under the umbrella title "Spike Guy Movies" that will air throughout 2008.  They have also made the commitment to air these movies, specials and series in high deefinition telecasts where available.

The Spike network, home to Ultimate Fighting Championship and Steven Segal movies, is channeling that testosterone-fueled lineage to cater to that frequently mocked demo: dads. The idea is proving to be an advertiser magnet, with Red Lobster recently inking a first-time deal for True Dads, an on-air series of spots that show dads spending time with their kids. The program is an example of the ways in which cable channels are getting increasingly creative in order to snag ad dollars and give marketers face time outside of traditional ad pods. Broadcast networks are inching further into that territory, but the looser cable environment seems to favor the risk-taking necessary for the campaigns to work.

Spike TV and announced an unprecedented multi-platform integration with the launch of "GameTrailers TV with Geoff Keighley."  A weekly entertaining magazine-style show for gamers will be available in high definition on-air and online beginning Friday, January 25th, 2008.  GameTrailers TV will provide exclusive content catering to gamers with varying interest levels from the casual gamer to hardcore enthusiasts.  Spike is tapping into the gaming culture which appeals to the Male 18-34 demo.  They are looking to create content that resonates with gamers while driving viewers and users to both brands.

Spike is also piloting two shows from British production houses. DIVE FOR TREASURE, follows a rag-tag crew of treasure hunters" as they hit the open ocean in search of riches, with former Marines as escorts.  And SURVIVING TERROR is a survivalist's look at how Americans can arm themselves with knowledge that could save their lives in the event of a terrorist attack.

Spike is developing a slate of projects that they define as part of an orientation toward what it calls factual entertainment. Spike just recently announced an unprecedented multi-platform integration with the launch of "GameTrailers TV with Geoff Keighley".  A weekly entertaining and informative magazine-style show for gamers.  It will be available in high definition on-air and online starting Friday, January 25th.  Spike is tapping into the gaming culture and crossing over into online, Xbox Live Marketplace and traditional TV.

Spike still has contest-based reality projects set to air this year, but they are interested in widening the brand to include more than just standard reality hooks.

The net is also developing a more conventional reality series, hidden-camera show and is aiming for about one new nonscripted series per season, with the possibility of two next summer.  They are working on a slate of nonscripted fare, with pilots ranging from non-death-defiers to treasure hunters to surviving nuclear winter.  Their goal is to develop a slate of programming that represents the wide scope of guys' interests.

Spike is looking for comedy writers, show pitches, spec scripts and writers for scripted material.  The network's goal is to continue developing scripted projects.


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