G4 Analysis - November 2010


* Bold denotes programming change


G4 has also been spending more money and getting into off-network acquisitions in primetime.  High profile acquisitions like COPS, ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT, LOST and HEROES.  This allows the channel a built in audience immediately that they might have not had.  These series speaks perfectly to G4's young-male audience and are an excellent complement to the network's programming lineup, which includes content such as Comic-Con coverage, live daily strip ATTACK OF THE SHOW and video-game-review series X-PLAY.  It also allows the network to use the hit NBC show HEROES to expand their brands and promote original programming. This kind of acquisition also shows that they are a serious player for product in the cable/broadcast acquisition marketplace.


Live Primetime Ratings Comparison / November 2010 vs. November 2009  (% Change)

Source: The Nielsen Company's National Television Audience Sample

Overall primetime averages for ratings, share and delivery fell flat as compared to one year ago, November 2009.  Men 18-49 share on Friday and Sunday nights did show some growth as they were up +17% and +38%, respectively.  MOVIES were up +46% in delivery and in all key demos from one year ago.

Comparing Monday-Sunday primetime monthly averages, G4 was down from last month.  Share was down -50% and delivery was down -29%, respectively.  With the exception of SEXPO SOUTH AUSTRALIA, there were no other conventions to highlight this month, rather a solid month of series programming.   SEXPO, was one of the highest rated programs on the channel this month and is the world's largest health, sexuality and lifestyle exhibition.  Last month's premiere of THAT'S TOUGH fell flat this month, despite being in new episodes.  This show takes viewers around the globe counting down the top three "toughest" in a broad spectrum of categories.  Last month THAT'S TOUGH had a tough time holding onto its lead-in numbers from CAMPUS PD, but that wasn't the case this month.  CAMPUS PD also in new eps on Wednesday nights were up +25% with Adults 18-49 share this month.  IT'S EFFIN SCIENCE and THE INTERNATIONAL SEXY LADIES SHOW were not on the schedule this month.  CHEATERS were up +100% share this month as it was restricted to the weekend block of programming.  WEB SOUP was down in all key demos.

The rest of G4's primetime programs were stacks of half-hour original and acquired product.  For the most part its programming strategy has been steady and consistent week to week.  Programming that continue to be the staples on the network are X-PLAY, COPS, NINJA WARRIOR, and MOVIES dominating the schedule.

X-PLAY was down -55% in delivery this month however it continues to perform with Men 18-34 demos.  Off network acquisition COPS was also down, never-the-less continues to be the highest rated program on the channel month after month.  NINJA WARRIOR was not on the primetime line-up this month, rather replaced by off-net series HEROES once again.  Ratings fell flat, but this off-net series does have the flexibility of filling holes in the schedule wherever needed.  MOVIES also fell flat but what can one expect with repeats of Chronicles of Riddick and Weird Science saturating the schedule.  Overall, not the most successful month in terms of ratings, but a consistent scheduling line-up of originals and acquired programming keeping true to its core viewers.


G4 and the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) announced a three-year deal naming the network the official broadcaster for the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3 Expo) through 2013. With over 24 total hours of LIVE broadcast coverage featuring exclusive news and original programming, G4 will deliver the most extensive E3 Expo coverage and give gaming enthusiasts all the information and news they crave year after year.  "As the global epicenter of the gaming world, E3 Expo is one of the biggest and most important events of the year for G4's audience," said Neal Tiles, President, G4.

G4 shifted its programming strategy away from stripped series and more toward original development.  Their originals have taken ground and turned into signature programming for the network. 

G4 has been beefing up their development slate, in addition to allocating their budget on reordering shows that have been successful for them.  G4 positions themselves as a channel which is a unique alternative to other networks that target young men.   They have also carved a niche in terms of programming, blending geek-friendly fare like X-PLAY and WEB SOUP with more general entertainment shows like CAMPUS PD and AMERICAN NINJA WARRIOR.