Food Network Strategic Opportunities - May 2009


Reality programming centered around food is in highest demand at the network. Find a unique personality, concept or forums that involve food, ranging from established chefs to origins of food to best places to eat.

Competition shows have proven to work with the Food Network in the past with right characters and format: NEXT IRON CHEF, NEXT FOOD NETWORK STAR, FOOD NETWORK CHALLENGE, IRON CHEF AMERICA, cake competitions, etc.

Talent is of utmost importance to Food Network: you must be established and believable as a leader in what you do to be on this network. Credibility is key. This doesn't equate to the highest level of professional training; Rachel Ray, for example, is a self-taught expert and is respected because of her raw talents and the spark she brings to a common kitchen setting or average person's experience of traveling and dining on a budget. Resource the culinary industry for key figures who can give the inside scoop on who or what is hot. This can fuel your development of some unique, innovative program ideas. Talent brought to Food Network's attention should be comfortable with the camera; knowledgable about food and enthusiastic about sharing it with others, and possess a clear vision about their cooking.

Travel and food mix well! Creative ways to unite the two, and either in a way not already done or with fresh, unique and credible talent, are always good choices for a show concept. Locations can be unique or mainstream, as long as good food can be found there.


Reality programming with strong personalities who possess a reputation related to food, a celebrity status, and/or a passion for cooking and the ability to resonate with any audience.


None at this time


The Food Network will accept unsolicited materials, but only if they are from a qualified production company. Producers will be required to submit a list of prior production credits. Click here for Food Network's Submission Release Form.


EMERIL LIVE IS NO LONGER IN PRIME TIME!  The famed New Orleans chef's daily series was first taken off weeknights in prime time and moved up to the 7pm slot.  As of December '07 his live show is no longer in production.  The network continues to produce and air ESSENCE OF EMERIL in daytime.  Food Network has no stake in Lagasse's vast merchandising business.


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