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A&E Performance/Schedule Analysis - April 2007


A&E made a lot of drastic program content changes in recent years, going more mainstream in reality and moving away from such staple doc series as BIOGRAPHY, INVESTIGATIVE REPORTS, and AMERICAN JUSTICE.   Series such as THE FIRST 48 and INTERVENTION still maintain the network's roots in crime/investigation, while reality shows like DOG THE BOUNTY HUNTER, CRISS ANGEL MINDFREAK, and GENE SIMMONS FAMILY JEWELS define the network today and are certainly priorities in terms of image.

DOG THE BOUNTY HUNTER and GROWING UP GOTTI helped bring A&E into the world of general entertainment, by taking its tradition of crime into reality programming. After growing in popularity with younger demos, A&E was able to branch out even more with shows like INKED, KING OF CARS, and DRIVING FORCE.  All of these programs have compelling, quirky and/or unique characters, along with something edgy in their lifestyle. Plus, they all have appeal to the upscale crime and investigation viewer while attracting the younger demos.

In early 2007, the network announced its first development slate of drama series in years.  The first project to come out of that slate, THE CLEANER starring Benjamin Bratt, premiered in July, 2008.  The series has been renewed for a second season.  The launch of THE BEAST, starring Patrick Swayze, only solidifies the network's foothold in the genre, building on their acquired dramas, particularly CSI: MIAMI, and the successful real life franchises. 

A&E can't be too extreme in its content but just edgy enough to fuel publicity and appeal to its new, younger audience. New program decisions are based on current successful blocks and formats; so whatever is working now, count on A&E wanting more of the same but new.


Edgy, unique and buzzworthy slice-of-life reality series centered on celebrities, from A to C-list;  crime or social-issue oriented documentary series;  


Leading off-network drama series.


The network doesn't refer to itself as a "women's" channel, but the gender skew leans almost 60% female.  Something to keep in mind when developing a program pitch.


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