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VP-Elect Pence Raising Money for Transition Team

The Trump transition team is raising money to pay for salaries and "experts" to provide policy advice and briefings.

President-elect Donald Trump will be the first President with no previous government experience on any level and has been meeting at Trump Tower in New York with a host of folks, from Bill Gates to Kanye West, seeking their input.

"In total, we have 4,100 appointed positions we must fill and only 33 days until inauguration to get it done." said Vice President-elect Mike Pence  and transition team leader in an e-mail solicitation sent out Saturday (Dec. 17).

To ensure that they have "the best and brightest from every corner" of the America he says they will "put first" and "make great again," he says: "Please make a contribution of $100, $65, $50, $35, $25 or $10 to help fund our TRUMP (sic) Transition Team."

Among the folks they will have to find are at least two seats on the FCC and a new chairman, though he may come from the ranks of current Republican  commissioners.