Volume Control

It’s All in the Packaging

“Ultimately, a la carte would hit hardest advertisers, who keep America’s economic engine moving. This is a consumer nation that buys what it sees on TV. For all their growing love of targeted marketing, manufacturers of goods still go for larger audiences first.”

Paul Kagan
Chairman, Kagan Capital Management Inc.

What Google PC Might Mean

“There’s a wodge of rumors going around that Google will announce a new PC, in a joint venture with Wal-Mart ... It seems unlikely that Google will go mano a mano with Microsoft when they have no need to do so. Their aim must be to use hardware as a means of drawing in more customers for their services, nothing more.

John Evans
Google Future, www.googfuturewatch.com

The Big Pipe Has Arrived

“Broadband is where it is at. It took a hell of a long time but the brick-and-mortar companies are finally seeing the fruits of all our crazy experiments from the mid-’90s.”

Amanda Nanawa


Big Screen, Small Share

“One doesn’t need a crystal ball to see that Hollywood’s future is now inexorably tied to the small screen. Just look at the studios’ own internal revenue numbers. Before the invasion of television, the big screen (aka movie theaters) provided 100 percent of the studios’ revenues. Now it accounts for less than 15%. The small screen — which includes computers, portable DVD players, and iPods, as well as televisions — provides 85.6%.”

Edward Jay Epstein
The Transit Lounge spaces.msn.com/members/vikhel/Blog

Another Rewrite

“ 'Nor is Verizon’s FiOS TV service expected to create many ripples in ’06. We’ve read and reread 'the telco video story’ numerous times over the past decade,’ said Bruce Leichtman, president of Leichtman Research Group. 'Unfortunately, each reading seems to end with the last several chapters of the book ripped out.’ ”

David H. Deans
Digital Lifescapes, dhdeans.blogspot.com