Verizon FiOS TV Goes All-Digital In Jersey

Verizon Communications will cease analog transmission of local broadcast stations to FiOS TV subscribers in New Jersey on June 2, as the telco continues its commitment to convert to all-digital operation.

The company previously announced similar analog shutoffs in New York and Massachusetts.

Verizon last year told the Federal Communications Commission it would eliminate analog channels prior to the Feb. 17, 2009, switchover to all-digital over-the-air TV broadcasts, in order to receive a temporary waiver of the FCC’s ban on set-tops with integrated security.

Verizon had provided the analog simulcasts to let subscribers watch local TV broadcasts without using a set-top box.

To continue to receive service on analog television sets, FiOS TV customers will need to install a Verizon-supplied set-top box. Only TVs with a built-in digital QAM tuner will not need a set-top box to receive programming.

Verizon will provide customers one Motorola DCT700 box at no charge; each additional DCT700 is $3.99 per month. The box doesn’t provide access to FiOS TV’s advanced services such as video-on-demand and on-screen programming guide.