Ucentric to Show Off 802.11g System

Multimedia home-networking provider Ucentric Systems will show a new product
that it said can deliver broadcast-quality video using the new 802.11g wireless
standard at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, which starts

Maynard, Mass.-based Ucentric will use the new home-networking system to fire
off MPEG-2 (Moving Picture Expert Group) video signals to multiple TVs in a

Combined with Ucentric's multiple-TV personal-video-recorder software, it can
deliver video in a variety of formats -- including high-definition TV -- across
a maximum 54-megabits-per-second wireless link.

The 802.11g standard is the latest in the wireless Ethernet family to hit the
market, offering a maximum 54 mbps in the 2.4-gigahertz frequency. It is also
backwards-compatible with the older 802.11b standard technology used in many
home-networking products available today.

"The recent arrival of cost-effective 802.11g chip sets, combined with
Ucentric's software, enables manufacturers to build products that deliver the
full spectrum of entertainment services over the network, while at the same time
enabling broadband Internet access and other IP-based [Internet protocol]
services and applications," Ucentric CEO Michael Collette