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U.S. CTO Kratsios Takes to Twitter

Appropriate for a tech adviser to a Tweeter-in-Chief, the White House's Office of Science and Technology has launched a twitter account, @USCTO, for its new chief technology officer, Michael Kratsios, who christened the account Thursday (Nov. 7) with the following tweet: 


The launch came just in time to Tweet about Kratsios' remarks at the Web Summit 2019 summit in Lisbon. 

Kratsios was confirmed to his new post Aug. 1. He had been deputy CTO as well as deputy assistant to the President for technology policy at the White House, a post he had held since President Trump took office.   

Kratsios has been involved in the Administration's initiatives to expand broadband, particularly in rural areas, and to free up more spectrum for 5G.  

Before joining the White House, Kratsios was principal at Thiel Capital, investing in and advising tech companies.